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Welcome to USA Beautiful Life

  After a long search in boundless spaces of Internet, you finally get to our site. This means that you have problems with health and information about unique health improving products of “Beautiful Life” company will be of interest to you.  Our products are tampons for women, orthopaedic and urogenital plasters, and blood vessel cleaning capsules “Kang Xin”.

  The products of our company are unique for prophylaxis and improvement of reproductive organs and musculoskeletal system state. They have been awarded an international GMP  certificate and Sanitary and Hygienic Certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

What are the results that a person using our products could expect?

“Beautiful Life” tampons are effective in cases of such gynecological problems as   endometritis, inflammation processes in pelvis area, oophoritis, cystitis, enuresis, cervix uteri pathologies (erosion, leukoplakia, and dysplasia), endometriosis, cystic disease, polyposis, fibroma, infertility, mastopathy, candidosis, etc.
The usage of tampons gives a pronounced cosmetic effect: decrease of nevus pigmentosis, improvement of complexion, decrease of number and depth of wrinkles, improvement of breast shape (breast becomes tighter).

“Navel Plasters” urogenital plaster normalizes blood circulation;  hampers prostate gland excrescence; arrests heavy inflammatory processes.
It is applied in cases of pollakiuria; lumbar pain and ache; scrotal pain; perineum pain; nephritis; renal insufficiency; impotency and decrease of potency; premature ejaculation; male sterility caused by decrease of number and mobility of spermatozoa. The plaster improves sexual life quality. 

 “Bang De Li” orthopaedic plaster helps in cases of spondylopathy, lumbar intervertebral disks prolapse; sciatica; rheumatoid arthritis; scapulohumeral periarthritis and periarthritis of elbow; interscapular ganglionic pains; lumbosacral radiculitis; arthritis, gonarthrosis; calcaneal spurs; wounds; plantar callosity; excessive lipopexia in area of VII cervical vertebra.

“Kang Xin” capsules enable blood cleaning and restore elasticity of blood vessel walls using cardinally new method. They remove cholesterol plaques in blood; normalize the number of lipids in blood and blood pressure. They are recommended for intake by six groups of people:

   1. Suffering from “four blood excessivenesses”: increased pressure, blood fat content, stickiness and glucose level, which is leading to frequent headaches, vertigoes, difficulty and pain when breathing, tachypnoe and palpitation, inattention, rapid fatigability, lack of energy, numbness of hands and legs, insomnia, forgetfulness etc. 
   2. Suffering from heart and brain blood vessels diseases: hypertensive cardiopathy, coronary cardiopathy, stenocardia, myocardial infarction, abnormal heart rate, cerebral thrombosis, apoplexy and related complications.
   3. To generally weak and ailing people, including people with liver and kidneys dysfunctions, increased content of harmful substances caused by continuous intake of several medicines.
   4. People with irregular lifestyle, smokers and drinkers: hard work, frequent receptions of guests, necessity of work overnight, adverse conditions, physical and nervous stresses at work, hypodynamia, accumulation of harmful substances in the organism. 
   5. People with internal secretion disorders: suffering from obesity, constipation, halitosis, coarse skin, many wrinkles, nevus pigmentosis, irregular intestinal discharge, premature senility.
   6. People who work in hazardous environments: cooks, traffic-controllers, drivers, workers of plants and mines.

  Our company receives health improving products directly from the manufacturer, which means that the products are protected from counterfeiting, and the quality is kept on high level. Moreover, it is possible for you to be healthy not only physically, but also financially, if you will work in our business that lies in advertising “Beautiful Life” products!

  Our company is for you, if you want to be the master of your life, if you want to earn adequate income and are ready to work a lot with pleasure, if you are opened for new knowledge and ready to receive training and to train others.