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“We contribute to the life of society with fighting for people’s health”. The health improving products form the basis of our work, we provide humanity with first class health improving products, and we constantly develop our business. With inflexible will of renewal, keeping up the pace with changing times, we have created modern management system based on such principles as “Market type management, intensification of activity, versatile development and lawful administration”.

    Together with simultaneous development of the company we actively promote formation of market economy one the one part, and on the other, our company participates in activity concerning the improvement of society’s welfare, contributes to the formation of mental culture in accordance with its development concept which is stipulated by the following: “Personnel determines everything, sciences and technologies form vanguard, the work is in center, and high tech products are the basis”. The “BL” company has earned recognition and approval of various strata of society thanks to sincerity and faith, stable and perfect reputation.

    “BL” company pays much attention to the area of human health research based on real facts. We appreciate our knowledge and personnel and take the lead comparing to the level of incidents and calls. We bravely undertake the occasion and gladly accept challenge seeking for struggle and successful victory! 

    A 55-year old Mister Chen Ven Mynhas graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai and has been awarded an academic degree. He has been working in the area of network marketing for 10 years. At present time he holds position of the Director General and Chairman of the Management Board at “BL” company. 

    The Headquarters of “Beautiful Life” are situated in Hong Kong.

    There are three companies under Mr. Chen Ven Myn management: 1) “Hy Hua” company engaged in real property business; 2) “Myn Shen” company which produces medicines; 3) “Yen Da” company which produces food additives and health improving products.

    “BL” has its subsidiaries in Malaysia and Singapore and six representative offices in PRC, which are situated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Dalian and Shenyang. “BL” company distributors operate in more than 60 cities of China.


Speech of welcome of the Company’s President

Dear friends!

    I am very grateful for your love and support of “BL” company activity, and I sincerely invite you to join our business. “BL” will bring you unbounded happiness, health and prosperity.

    In this global economic flow of the 21 century we live in the age when both vital forces and dangers coexist simultaneously. The time is merciless, but we carry equity. The economic development of our activity has already started its global implementation, being face to face with economic system and concurrence which become tougher from day to day.

    Only the strongest wins in the market struggle. Our company develops using research technologies, our products are highly valued for their quality, we seek to penetrate the international market; our company employees are confident and persistent, they work hard in order to achieve positive results.

    The brilliant yesterday has already become a basis for today’s way ahead; those who work in our company should own the glory and dreams! The time is sweeping as water, years are like song; our employees, brave in their innovations, diligent, will not be forsaken by fate.

    “I sincerely hope that in future I will see your bright smiles and rich results of the market activity”.