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Beware of Counterfeits


Stay away from fakes
Or those who soon will be EXPIRED on the shelf life.

Stay away from fake tampons – “Clean Point” Tampons


Please be aware:

     More and more people are complaining of poor quality of  tampons purchased online. These complaints have become more frequent in the past few months as the tampons had great success among women and the market is flooded with fake product. Please be aware and only purchase “Beautiful Life” tampons from reliable sources.

Things to consider when buying Beautiful Life herbal tampons.
Beautiful Life Tampons can look the same, but:
 - have suspiciously low price
 - look the same but have named “clean point” tampons
 - have “clean point” tampons name and claim to have certificate dated 2 October 2007.

Please note that this certificate was issued for Beautiful Life tampons and not for “clean point” tampons. Please pay attention that “Clean Point” tampons have not undergone certification process and therefore can not use certificate issued for “Beautiful Life” herbal tampons.