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Relief Stop Smoking Aid Patch

Relief Stop Smoking Aid Patch
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Function and Composition:

Relief Stop Smoking Aid is a new type stop smoking product that applies nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that World Health Orgnization recommends and a high-voltage electrostatic field generated by a PET electric membrane, inducing a sedative and mind-calming effect.            

Relief Stop Smoking Aid consists of 5 layers:the electric membrane with high-voltage electrostatic field, an adhesive layer containing a special formula, a controlled-release membrane, a pressure sensitive adhesive, and an anti-stick membrana protectiva. The electric membrane that takes along static electricity itself generates a high-voltage electrostatic field, which has a sedative and mind-calming effect based on the biological regulation effect to skin and acupuncture points brought about by the high-voltage electrostatic field. It can eliminate or relieve withdrawal symptoms such as dysphoria; furthermore, the high-voltage electrostatic field can form a driving force to the poison of the special formula contained in the adhesive layer, which makes it work quickly.to ensure a 24-hour smoking cessation effect , NRT recommended by WHO is associated with a controlled-release mechanism that the controlled-release membrane contributes to. Scientific smoking cessation will be realized by gradually cutting down the dosage of the patches to reduce the dependence on tobacco until the smoking addiction is eliminated.

Indications: Smokers wanting to quit smoking or hoping to inhibit the nicotine addiction in a short time.

Contraindications and Announcements:

1. Keep away from children

2. Do not smoke during administration  

3. The paste parts should be changed when discomfort occurs. 

4. The patch should be taken off immediately when adverse reactions occur such as dizziness, nausea, then the adverse reactions will disappear. And remember to reduce the dosage next time. 

5. The maximum dosage should not exceed three patches at one time. 



1. Put the sticking side of the patch toward the skin and put it on a clean, dry part of the body (such as upper arms, chest and thighs )

2. Recommended method of smoking cessation: First, use one patch once daily for the first three weeks; then use half patch continuously in the subsequent two weeks. For heavy smokers who take more than 20 cigarettes a day or smokers whose body weight is more than 75kg, it is recommended to use two patches daily in the first week. Use the patch after washing in the morning, and replace it the next day.

3. Temporary substitute for cigarettes: Use the patch 20-30 minutes before entrance into “No Smoking” areas to restrict the smoking addiction and take it off when unnecessary. 

Specification: 21mg per patch

Storage: It should be stored in an airtight container and kept away from light and heat. 

Expiration Date: 2 years

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