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Bee`s Embryo "Feng Mian Ning"

Bee`s Embryo "Feng Mian Ning"
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WORLD'S FIRST PRODUCT OF EMBRYO BEES, cures insomnia and slows the aging process.

    The question of extending the human life and rejuvenation and renewal of the body has been occupying the minds of the humanity for the longest time. The scientists of the entire world are seeking to find this “potion for youth and health”, using the newest technologies and discoveries in the fields of science and medicine, as well as the earliest known recipes of folk medicine.

    As the result of the studies and clinical tests, carried out by the number of the important Chinese medical establishments (institute of Chinese medicine of C.P.R. (Chinese Peoples' Republic), the Center of the Health and Hygiene Control of the Ministry of Public Health of C.P.R. and others), a product was created which promotes the improvement of the health – capsules " FACTOR OF QUEEN BEE `S EMBRYO". This became another staggering discovery after discovering the extracts of placenta of the sheep and human placenta.

    Many scientists of the entire world concentrate their attention on the research of the composition and properties of the embryo of a bee. Rapid development of contemporary scientific technologies contributed to the successful practical implementation of these findings.

    In 1973, during the archeological excavations in the region of Chansha town of C.P.R. (Chinese Peoples' Republic), a book called “Remedies for 52 diseases” was discovered, which was written in the third century A.D. In this book a record was found that describes the therapeutic properties of the embryo of a bee.

What is an embryo bee?

    Embryo bees – larval stage, also called "embryos of the queen bee.” Larvae develop from eggs, feeding on royal jelly. It is a living organism at the stage of development between egg and pupa. The embryo contains a surprisingly large amount of nutrients. Research has proven that the substance of the embryo bees not only helps to maintain the activity of the gene growth of the human body, but can inhibit activation of genes that trigger aging, significantly prolongs the life span of cells, and slows down aging of cells. Among other things, the embryo bees contain more than 200 varieties of effective nutrients, including biologically active enzymes that slow down aging, and also more than 90 varieties of other enzymes, 20 essential and semiessential amino acids, more than 20 varieties of natural low-fat unsaturated acids, proteins, and over 30 species of trace elements, vitamins, etc.

Capsules Factor of Queen Bee`s Embryo - provides not only a complex of embryonic bee nutrients but also includes valerian (Setwell) root:

    Naturally occurring Setwell has been used for centuries for its sedative, tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system. It can aid in regulating cardiac function, has spasmolytic and choleretic properties, enhances the secretion of digestive glands, has coronary care and hypotensive properties. Assigned by herbalists over the centuries for diseases involving nerve over excitation, insomnia, headaches, hysteria. Valerian is widely used in mild forms of neurasthenia, climacteric disorders, vegetative neurosis, prevention and treatment of angina, hypertension, in some diseases of the liver and biliary tract, with stomach cramps and intestinal secretion in violation of the digestive glands.

    Jujube Fruit (jujuba) - this is considered a valuable medicinal and food plant, included in the top five medicinal plants of the world. Jujube fruit has a sedative, digestive tonic and diuretic properties and contains vitamins (A, B, C and VETA-carotene), amino acids, and trace elements. It is very rich in ascorbic acid. The fiber of the fruit helps to minimize fetal exposure to toxic substances, excess cholesterol, and heavy metals. The fruit stimulates the processes of allocation of bile, has the ability to soothe the heart and nerves, can ameliorate the feeling of heat in the heart and stomach pain in the limbs, treats Bi-syndrome characterized by pain during movement and unfolding of affected joints, reduce anxiety and strengthen the liver, restore emotional balance, compensate for the lack of blood, eliminates irritability and insomnia...

Jujube has another rare property - it contains vast quantities of not only natural vitamin C, rejuvenating and cleaning the blood vessels, but also natural vitamin E, protects against oxidation of vitamin C and adrenaline, which reduces the permeability and capillary fragility.



    Astragalus contains the main active substances triterpene (saponins) and flavonoid glycosides. In particular, in the grass Astragalus is found glycyrrhizin, flavonoids kvertitsina, kaempferol and their glycosides. Astragalus is a source of multiple macro-and micronutrients. Astragalas contains up to 1.5% of selenium - one of the most important trace elements, providing antioxidant protection of each cell of the human body, improving the immune system. Astragalus tincture is used in hypertension with symptoms of angina, acute and chronic nephritis, in chronic cardiovascular insufficiency with a tendency to spasm of coronary vessels. It reduces venous pressure, increases blood flow velocity, withdrawn tachycardia, decreased pulse deficit, edema, accelerated renewal of plasma proteins and liver. Astragalus is useful in toxic liver injury. Due to the unique composition and evidence-based proportions of the components that make up the capsules FENGMIANNING, they have a curative effect on all the major systems of the human body:

  1. Digestive system - improves the function and helps treat many diseases of the digestive system, restoring the cellular tissue. A properly functioning digestive system is a prerequisite for health and longevity.
  2. Nervous system - due to the presence in the bee embryo of a large number of bee glycine, glutami acid, acetylcholine and other mediators of nervous excitation of the brain, the FENGMIANNING capsules have a curative effect for neurasthenia, and also have a positive effect on patients with schizophrenia. They restore the function of the brain, stimulates mental development, etc.
  3. Cardio-vascular system - stabilizes blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent the sclerosis of the arteries, and normalize hemoglobin (due to iron and copper). Exerts a significant therapeutic effect on arrhythmia, tachycardia, bradycardia, etc.
  4. Endocrine system - the embryonic bee has hormone-like substances, organic acids and active enzymes that aid in proper regulation of the function of the endocrine system, improve tissue regeneration and resistance to disease. Hormone-like substances play an important role in regulating the functions of sex glands, enhancing a sense of youth and promoting activity. The presence in embryonic bees of rare natural substances (more than 200 species) helps to resolve women's problems such as variation of the menstrual cycle, the weakening of sexual function, vaginal dryness, pain. At the same time ot effectively helps to solve the problem of hair loss and fragility, sagging skin, reduces wrinkles on the face, and gives the skin a natural shade.
  5. Urinary system - has significant therapeutic and restorative effect for renal failure in men and women. This is facilitated by the presence in the embryo bees of various active proteins, essential amino acids, exfoliated and juvenile hormone.
  6. Liver - contained in the embryo bees proteins and carbohydrates, help restore damaged tissue, liver, and its purification from toxic substances. Capsules can aid in the treatment of infectious hepatitis.
  7. Prevention of malignant diseases - studies experts showed that the embryonic bee contained dextran and other anticarcinogenic substances that hinder development and destroy cancer cells. It is effective even for patients in advanced stage of disease. When you take capsules FENGMIANNING, it increases immunity and resistance to oncological diseases.


The embryonic bee treatment regime should start with 1 capsule 1 to 2 hours before bedtime, drinking clean water.

After 10 days, you can increase the dose to 2 capsules per day.

Daily intake of clean water should not be less than 1.5 liters.

Capsules of 0.33 g - 60 capsules per bottle.

Storage: Store in tightly closed containers in a cool, dark place.

Shelf life: 2 years.

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