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"Fu Shu" Gynecological Pad

"Fu Shu" Gynecological Pad
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Main Ingredients: Angelica, Safflower, Soil Poria, Achyranthes, Cnidium, 
Phellodendron, Sophora and 49 more Chinese herbs. 

Indications: Suitable for a variety of gynecological inflammation 
caused by leucorrhea, increased leucorrhea odor, genital itching. Dysmenorrhea, 
irregular menstruation. Vaginal burning, itching and other vaginitis, due to 
cervical disease caused by urgency, urinary frequency, dysuria and other 
gynecological diseases, treatment to prevent post-natal, flow 
post-operation wound infection, increasing female genital disease resistance. 


1. Peel off insolating paper, affix it to the center of underwear, close to genital . 
2. Use it together with Fu Shu Female Essential Oil.

This product can be used alone for routine health care.

Precautions: Do not use on pregnant women and allergic patients. Sterilized by Cobalt-60 radiation, sealed, use soon after opening the package.

Price for : 1pad
In the Bag 10 Pads

Storage: Stored in a cool,dry and ventilated place away from light. 

Validity: Two years

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