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"BANG DE LI" Orthopaedic Plaster

"BANG DE LI" Orthopaedic Plaster
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"BANG DE LI" Orthopaedic Plaster is composed in accordance with formula of ancient healers. It is produced using state-of-the-art technologies complying with GMP standard. The plaster underwent clinical tests and was labelled as a health improving product. It is safe, not toxic; it does not contain chemical impurities and does not have any side effects.

Its formula includes more than ten phytocomponents.

Composition: Millettia reticulata, Cistanche salsa, Drynaria, Cibotium, Angelica grosseserrata, safflower, Gynura pinnatifida, Corydalis ambigua, Borneo camphor.

Properties of the BANG DE LI plaster:

  • Anaesthetic effect;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • Treatment of oedemas;
  • Metabolism improvement;
  • Alleviation of condition in following cases

          -  spondylopathy, lumbar intervertebral disks prolapse;

          -  sciatica;

          -  rheumatoid arthritis;

          -  scapulohumeral periarthritis and periarthritis of elbow;

          -  interscapular ganglionic pains;

          -  lumbosacral radiculitis;

          -  arthritis, gonarthrosis;

          -  calcaneal spurs;

          -  wounds;

          -  plantar callosity;

          -  excessive lipopexia in area of VII cervical vertebra. 

Method of application (plaster should be stuck on painful points of body):

  • open the package by a cut line;
  • take out the plaster;
  • remove paper sticker from one side;
  • degrease the place of plaster sticking with hydrogen peroxide (3%);
  • stick with sticky side to a clean surface of skin and leave for 2–3 days;
  • remove the plaster, rinse the skin surface;
  • stick the next plaster after 5–8 hours.

    Recommended treatment course includes 5–6 plasters. It is recommended to undergo 2-3 courses in order to achieve best results.

Additional recommendations concerning usage of BANG DE LI plasters:

  • in case of orthopaedic problems, the best result is achieved when applying two plasters simultaneously: one in lumbosacral area and other in area between cervix and scapula (in places of pain localization);
  • in case of inflammatory processes, the plaster should be stuck at a painful point or astride a spinal column;
  • in case of sciatica and lumbosacral radiculitis, one plaster is to be stuck in sacral area and other in calcaneal area, at the external side area of a heel;
  • in case of knee pains, the best effect is achieved when applying two plasters simultaneously astride two sides of a knee: from the left and from the right;
  • when localizing pain in places of viscera projection: liver, gallbladder and kidneys, it is recommended to apply one plaster (it is important to be careful in case of calcium stones);
  • in case of urinary bladder  problems, it is recommended to stick 1 orthopaedic plaster in sacral area and 1 urological plaster in pubis area (urinary bladder projection);
  • in case of uterus and ovaries problems, the best effect is achieved when applying two plasters (one at abdomen an other at sacrum), with additional usage of the tampon;
  • in case of catarrhal diseases (bronchitis, tracheitis), two types of plasters are used (one plaster in breast bone area and other between two blade bones), subject to lung lobes where inflammatory process takes its place.


It is not recommended:

  • to apply the plaster at open wounds;
  • to use it in case of allergic reactions to certain components of BANG DE LI.
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