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Beautiful A Protein Capsules

Beautiful A Protein Capsules
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Beautiful A Protein (yak bone collagen small molecule peptide capsule)  - good for blood circulation, nourishing blood to calm the nerves, anti-senile, anti-weary, enhancing  immunity.

Used for pigmentation of yellow speckle, old age spot, black spot from sunlight radiation, whitening skin and anti-wrinkle, anti-insomnia and more. Eliminates free radical, impediment per oxidation, suppresses the  melanin to be calm, enhances cell vitality, regulating immunity and postpone senility.

For mid, the joint achewith obvious treatment result; it can repair gastro-intestinal tract mucous membrane damage, protect the liver function  for those who has a habit of drinking alcohol or wine; strengthen the skin elasticity, desalinating wrinkle,moisture the skin, whitening effectively to dispel the spot; And hasthe very good supplement function to the human body collagen insufficient people.

This is suitable for the middle and old aged health care, poor digestion function, convalescence of patients; a good supplement for those who need protein and trace elements.  

Main Ingredients: Yak bone extract, protein content 90% min. 

Precautions: pregnant woman, the ethyl alcohol allergy, prohibited to take it with aspirin at the same time; abstain from tobacco and liquor while using this product.

Storage: Sealed at room temperature.

Packing: 120pcs/bottle

Usage: Oral administration, 2pc/each time, twice daily

Validity: Two years

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