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"KANG XIN" Capsules

"KANG XIN" Capsules
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Капсулы для очистки крови и сосудов Kang Xin, при гипертонии или густой крови, 60 кап. /уп., фото 1



    Item priced per 1 bottle (60 capsuls )


This product is a natural phytomedicine with blood pressure and blood fat normalization effect. Its effectiveness and safety are approved by clinical investigations (China).

Production form: capsules of 0,33 g.

Cleaning effect: removal of cholesterol plaques in vessels, blood fat normalization and blood pressure normalization.

Composition: Astragalus, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Common valerian and other herbal components. 

The product is recommended: for people with increased blood pressure, increased number of lipids in blood.

“Kang Xin” capsules are recommended for intake by six groups of people:

  1. Suffering from “four blood excessivenesses”: increased pressure, blood fat content, stickiness and glucose level, which is leading to frequent headaches, vertigo, difficulty and pain when breathing, tachypnoe and palpitation, inattention, rapid fatigability, lack of energy, numbness of hands and legs, insomnia, forgetfulness etc.
  2. Suffering from heart and brain blood vessels diseases: hypertensive cardiopathy, coronary cardiopathy, stenocardia, myocardial infarction, abnormal heart rate, cerebral thrombosis, apoplexy and related complications.
  3. To generally weak and ailing people, including people with liver and kidneys dysfunctions, increased content of harmful substances caused by continuous intake of several medicines.
  4. People with irregular lifestyle, smokers and drinkers: hard work, frequent receptions of guests, necessity of work overnight, adverse conditions, physical and nervous stresses at work, hypodynamia, accumulation of harmful substances in the organism.
  5. People with internal secretion disorders: suffering from obesity, constipation, halitosis, coarse skin, many wrinkles, nevus pigmentosis, irregular intestinal discharge, premature senility.
  6. People who work in hazardous environments: cooks, traffic-controllers, drivers, workers of plants and mines.


“Kang Xin” capsules enable blood cleaning and restore elasticity of blood vessel walls. Furthermore four main effects are achieved:

  • removal of toxins;
  • restoration of blood vessel walls elasticity;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • improvement of heart and brain function.


First stage. Blood purification: removalof residue and toxins from the walls of blood vessels and from blood, increase of blood resistance to various diseases.

Second stage:

1. removal of atherosclerosis plaques;

2. restoration of blood vessels elasticity;

3. gradual arrest of spasms of blood vessel unstriated muscles.

Third stage. Blood circulation improvement: prevention of thrombocytes and erythrocytes agglomeration, decrease of viscosity, dissolution of solid particles and agglomerates, improvement of capillary circulation, general revival of a blood flow.

Fourth stage. Improvement of heart and brain function, restoration of damaged heart and brain cells, increase of their vitality, increase of the ability to withstand oxygen starvation.


During the first week of intake: beginning of removal of toxins from the blood, change of fecal odor and urine colour.

During the second week of intake: weakening of headache, decrease of frequency and intensity of vertigoes, palpitation, insomnia, numbness of body and limbs, carebaria, weakness in legs and similar disorders.

    After the first week of intake the complexion significantly improves, breathing becomes easier and less painful, stenocardia symptoms ease, etc.

    After 2-3 weeks of intake the blood fully purifies. Blood pressure, content of lipids in blood and other blood characteristics normalize, heart and brain tone significantly increase, the threat of heart and brain blood vessel diseases fully disappears.

The product is not recommended for children and teenagers.

Application method and dosage: two-three capsules after a meal (1-1,5 hours after a meal) two times per day. For weakened patients and people older than 60 years the intake is recommended in accordance with the following scheme:

1 week – 1 pill in the morning (from 11 to 13 o’clock, 1,5 hours after a meal);

2 week – 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the evening (from 19 to 21 o’clock);

3 week – 1 pill 3 times per day.

Then constantly increase dosage up to 3 pills 2 times per day.


Precautions: this product does not substitute intake of medicines. In no event should you  cancel receiving drugs in accordance with the prior scheme of treatment. The dose of medicines should be gradually decreased as far as patient’s condition improves.

Storage conditions: should be kept in an air tight container, in a dark, cool and dry place.

Shelf life – 24 months.

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